We can all play a role! Breastfeeding classes The Happiest Baby Losing Weight without losing your mind

The Happiest Baby

The Happiest Baby,Dr.Harvey Karps gave a lecture for the Indianapolis Healthy Start.He is in Indianapolis for IPN Conference called the 4th Trimester,held April 24,2014 at Ritz Charles Conference Room.Terry Curtis IBCLC founder Indiana Black Breastfeeding Coalition discussing the topic to present to breastfeeding support group.

Losing Weight without losing your mind

Moms really struggle with the age old question ,how to get back down to my pre- pregnancy size. You do have to put a little work in it.It does not always just melt off.But breastfeeding does help.This lady has had 3 boys in 2 years ,and is looking good again.

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23rd Apr 2014


I read this article and wanted to share with the African American Community so you can understand the plight of what we as Black IBCLC have to endure to be...

23rd Mar 2014
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March Booby Support

One of the highlights of our Bosom Buddy project is that we get to know mom and teach her in a breastfeeding class,then they return to the Booby Support group.This...

23rd Mar 2014

Losing weight,without losing your mind!!

Losing the weight, without losing your mind!! Mommies love to feel that growing baby in their stomachs.  The market for maternity clothes has exploded with so many cute dresses, shirts...

12th Feb 2014

Madame CJ Walker

  “I am a woman who came from the cotton fields of the South. From there I was promoted to the washtub. From there I was promoted to the cook...

12th Feb 2014
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Exclusive Breastfeeding

UNICEF and the World Health Organization (WHO) recommend exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months of a baby’slife. This based on scientific evidence that shows benefits for infant survival and proper...

20th Jan 2014

2014 Jan Breastfeeding Class

Baby it’s cold outside,but I gotta take this breastfeeding class.The Indiana Black Breastfeeding Coalition is right on schedule with your Bosom Buddy BF class.The class is still offered the 3rd...

20th Jan 2014

Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. a breastfeeding support father

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a well rounded person. Even though he was in the trenches fighting for justice and equality, he was a family man. He loved his wife...

14th Nov 2013

Pictures of Breastfeeding Support

The next Bosom Buddy Breastfeeding Class is Saturday November 16,2013 10am-12 noon. The class is held at the Healthy Start Building 4087 Millersville Road Indianapolis,Indiana.We want to see you there.We...

14th Nov 2013

Indiana Infant Mortality Summit

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana, which has long had one of the nation’s highest infant mortality rates, must strive to reduce such “heartbreaking” deaths, Gov. Mike Pence said Friday during the...

14th Oct 2013

Are you Gonna Breastfeed?

  You never know how important breastfeeding is until you are in a true emergency. The Indiana Black Breastfeeding Coalition, volunteers our time to make sure we reach women to...

19th Sep 2013

Back to Work

Once mom has it all together and the six weeks of maternity leave is over, it’s back to work.In a dream world we could stay home and breastfeed for a...

03rd Sep 2013
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Letter from a mom on ABC of Safe Sleep


29th Aug 2013
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Teach me how to Breastfeed Video

Click to Play Teach Me How to Breastfeed video A pretty clever video teaching the art of breastfeeding through song. A fun idea from a CA WIC program.

28th Aug 2013

Black Breastfeeding Week

View next email down     Presents… BLACK BREASTFEEDING WEEK AUGUST 25-31  ARE YOU TURNED UP FOR MOTHER’S MILK? Well, the founders of Black Breastfeeding Week, Kiddada Green, Kimberly Seals...

28th Aug 2013
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Breastfeeding May Protect from Breast Cancer

Breast-Feeding May Protect Some Women Against Breast Cancer Study found tumors were discovered later in life in nonsmoking patients who breast-fed longer than six months                                                                   By Kathleen Doheny HealthDay...

25th Aug 2013

IBBC World Breastfeeding Celebration

The IBBC World Breastfeeding Celebration was one to remember this year.The IBBC embraced the theme , Mother to Mother Support it was  used at the Indiana Black Expo Lactation Station.We...

15th Aug 2013

ROSE Summit 2013

Highlight pictures from ROSE Summit 2013 (Reaching Our Sisters Everywhere) held August 8,9 2013 in Atlanta Georgia. Indiana Black Breastfeeding Coalition presented pictures from the Naomi and Ruth collections.

09th Jul 2013

Rose Breastfeeding Conference 2013 Organizing for Action: An African American Breastfeeding Campaign

06th Jul 2013

Leslie West

Terry Curtis Founder IBBC Paris Curtis, president of IBBC and Mrs.Leslie West at the Indianapolis Healthy Start Women’s Empowerment Luncheon June 22,2013 at IVY Tech Banquet Conference Center,Indianapolis,Indiana. Leslie West...

05th Jul 2013

July-Aug-Sept Breastfeeding Class Dates

July-Sept IBBC Class Flyer  Click on Title See you at class